Ram on Heaven's Door
Difficulty N/A
Given By Automatic
Reward 2000 XP
Task Help the people in the church fend off the attack of the undead.
Location Saint Christopher's Church Previous On the Road
Next Sacred Silence

Ram on Heaven's Door is a quest given to the Hero by beginning Act II in Dead Island.


Mother Helen and her group of survivors have barricaded themselves inside Saint Christopher's Church. Unfortunately, one of their own became infected and locked himself in the back of the church, and began ringing the church bells. This has attracted zombies from all over the city to the Church. The survivors need the Hero to clear the area around the Church so that the Hero can get inside.

During the cutscene, the player will see the Ram for the first time, repeatedly crashing against the door of the church. Don't be fooled, though, as there are multiple zombies there, not just the Ram. Upon dealing with the zombies, the Hero will be allowed entrance to the church.

Once inside, the Hero will need to turn off the church bells. This is done in the next quest, "Sacred Silence".


  • When entering the courtyard with the Ram and other zombies run to the middle gate near the fire and jump onto the church pews piled there. Move in and out of attack range on the pews to draw the zombies and the Ram into the flames to burn them up.
  • A single Deo-Bomb can take out the Ram and the zombies.
  • At level under 30 the Ram can be killed with a single Molotov Cocktail. At higher level multiple Molotov Cocktails will need to be used in succession (wait for each to burn out). Do this from outside the gate but be careful, hitting the fence will harm you instead.
  • Do not go inside first. Instead, just stay there in the gate. Wait for the Ram to approach. When it is near you, WALK A FEW STEPS BACKWARDS. It will lose its interest in you and will start to walk away, leaving enough time for you to attack its weak spot at the back. Don't attack too long, for it will turn around and kick you. Keep repeating these steps until it dies. Then, deal with the Walkers. This is a standard tactic for dealing with Rams.


Video walkthrough

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