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Rage Mode, also known as Fury Mode or simply Fury, is a specialized form of attack in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide unique to each Hero.


Each Hero's Rage Mode can be activated by filling up the Rage Bar by killing enemies. When activated, the Hero goes into temporary attack state in which the Hero's unique combat abilities are heightened. Any kills the Hero performs while in Rage Mode will cumulate and increase the Rage Multiplier.


Entering Rage Mode needs at least 20 kills by default. However, this amount can be decreased with skills from the Hero's Fury Skill Tree.

Hero's unique Rage Mode

  • Xian Mei takes out a sword, swinging it faster and more powerfully
  • Logan Carter throws a seemingly infinite amount of throwing knives
  • Sam B pummels enemies with his own pair of Brass Knuckles
  • Purna pulls out a revolver with unlimited ammo
  • Ryder White pulls out a heavy pistol with infinite ammo and slows time to increase accuracy
  • John Morgan pulls out a staff and does substantial bodily harm to enemies

Rage Mode formula

NumKillsNeeded = (BaseRage - RageReq) / (GainPerKill*(1+Sum(BonusRage)))
BaseRage 20
GainPerKill 1
RageReq Skills decreasing total amount of rage needed (Volatile, Go Green)
BonusRage Skills increasing Rage gained per kill
NumKillsNeeded The number of kills needed to activate Rage Mode

All results are rounded down to the closest decimal (9.6 will give 9).

Example John Morgan with full points in Go Green (30% Rage recycled after a rage), Infinite Rage (+15% Rage per Kill) & Burning Fists (+30% Rage per Hand to hand kill):

(20 - (20*30/100)) / (1*(1+15/100+30/100)) = 10.37 => 10

With all skills augmentations, John will need 10 hand to hand kills to fill his Rage Meter (Stomps do not count as hand to hand kills).

With an additional +10% Rage from level 9 Hand to Hand Weapon Proficiencies it gives:

(20 - (20*30/100)) / (1*(1+15/100+30/100+10/100)) = 9.65 => 9


  • A bug has been found when playing the Jungle level wherein the player is in Rage Mode for an extended period of time (a 1/2 hour). The only way to exit out of this bug is to reload last checkpoint or die.
  • A glitch makes it possible to drop the weapon used during Rage Mode. The fury weapons are called: &melee_furyknife_n& (Xian), &melee_furyfists_n& (Sam B), knife (Logan) and &pistol_m9 (Ryder). It should be note, all the Fury weapons have low damage outside the Rage Mode.


  • It is possible to die in Rage Mode. (Some skills help prevent this.)
  • If killed during the mode the player will have the amount of Rage the player had when they died once they respawn.
  • While in Rage Mode the player can open crates and suitcases but they will always be empty.
  • Ryder White's fury weapon looks like a heavy pistol but has the same ammo as a pistol. It is also the most accurate gun in the game.
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