"To stand among us, you must prove you are worthy"
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Exterminate 'em!
— Policeman


A prison policeman attacking the hero

Prison Guards (called Policemen in-game) are the second to last humans you encounter on Banoi, before BIDF Soldiers, and they can only be found in the Prison. As the last remaining men of the police force in the prison, they are desperate to survive against the zombies that ceaselessly attack them, and the prisoners who want them dead. They'll shoot anyone on sight approaching the areas they protect, trying to survive. They wear body armor, unlike most of the other human enemies, that significantly reduces the damage they take from attacks. In this case, it's best to aim for the unarmored parts of their bodies.
Policemen Health
Level Health
1 400
9 500
16 720
31 1300
40 1600
50 1800


  • They were responsible for killing Roger Howard and Micheal in the Prison.
  • They share the same model as the BIDF Soldiers.
  • After the 1.3 patch, they are mistakenly labeled as "Rebels" on their health bar.

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