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"It's bloody beautiful, isn't it?"
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The Banoi Maximum Security Prison is a location featured in Dead Island. It is a small island off the shores of Banoi Island, and is surrounded by a minefield. It was designed as a maximum security facility for international terrorists.

At the end of Act II, the Hero is able to make contact with the hacker Charon (posing as Ryder White), better known as the "Voice". He reveals that he is a Colonel in the Banoi Island Defense Force, and that he is currently holed up in the prison. In order to reach him, the Hero must travel to Mingende and talk to Mowen, a smuggler, so that he will guide them through the mine-infested waters.

It's recommended that the player has accomplished everything they wanted to do. Once they head to the prison, they cannot go back to the island with that profile. The player must finish the game in order to return to the island.


The prison is made up of numerous cell blocks spanning the first few floors, with several offices on the upper stories which are used by the senior guards. Most of the inmates are holed up in the canteen, which is just a short distance from the building's kitchen. An armory is also located on one of the floors, which will need to be broken in to during one of the missions for Titus Kabui.


  • In the cafeteria next to a prisoner named Harland, there is a prisoner that is simply labelled as "Human".


thumb|right|250px|Tiny dead body glitch

  • Glitches frequently occur with the dead bodies within the Prison. It happens more often in the Prison than in other locations. The bodies either spazz out or are reduced to a tiny size. Techland has yet to address this issue. Example video of said glitch provided.
  • On the wall just outside the canteen, one of Howard Craigson's posters can be found.

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