Power Slaves
DI Power Slaves
Difficulty Hard
Given By Will
Reward 6500 XP, Shock Rifle Mod
Task Get a new fuse from the warehouse and install it.
Location Laboratory

Power Slaves is a hard side quest given to the Hero by Will in Dead Island. Despite being a side quest, it must be completed to fulfill the requirements for "House of Science".


This quest has two stages: first, the Hero must travel to the warehouse to retrieve a new fuse. There are several Zombies around the exterior of the warehouse, but of greater concern is the Ram inside the warehouse.

There are two strategies to defeat the Ram; you can either fight him or lure him out of the warehouse and then hurry back inside and close the door, trapping the Ram outdoors. The fuse required for the quest is in the back office of the warehouse.

Also in the warehouse are some snacks, and a workbench.

Once the fuse is obtained, two zombies might spawn in the warehouse (even if the doors are closed).

The next phase of the quest is to place the fuse in the power station. The power station is located down the side of the mountain, accessible via the stairs adjacent to the warehouse.

Outside the station are some Zombies but the interior is vacant. When the fuse is placed into the fusebox and power restored, additional zombies will rush the station, attracted by the noise.


  • You'll want to get the Jeep parked outside the Laboratory at the beginning of the quest. Get inside and punch through everything that is vehicle-accessible. The only places where the Jeep can't help is the warehouse and below the ladder that leads to the generator.
  • The generator area where the fuse must be installed has a box of Pistol ammo.
  • If you turn left near the metal bridge, you'll find Infected trapped in cages and a Butcher and Walker in an open one. It's advisable that you kill all of them before grabbing the fuses to make things easier, as the cages will all be opened once you set up the power.



  • The name of the quest might be reference to a popular heavy metal band Iron Maiden song of the same name.