An officer inside the Town Hall

Police Officers are characters featured in Dead Island. They are the men of the Moresby Police force and wear bullet proof vests, helmets, and kneepads.

When the outbreak first started, all the officers were out trying to restore order and fighting zombies, either being killed or infected in the process. One of the raskol gangs took advantage of that and took over the police station, heavily outnumbering the very few police officers inside and killing most of them.

A few of the officers managed to escape but later got bitten by the infected which is why, when the Hero enters the police station for the first time on the mission Lady in Trouble,, they will notice a bunch of police zombies in the way before they reach the punks. The only police officer who survived that was Reza, whom the Hero meets later on when they visit the station.

There were also a few of the officers who guarded the Town Hall when the outbreak happened. They stayed there to protect the mayor and everyone who fled there for safety. However, they all died trying to protect the wealthy people and politicians when the Town Hall was overrun by zombies.


  • Unlike the policemen in the prison, the Moresby policemen are the Hero's allies and will not attack them.
  • In order to proceed to the Supermarket, one of the officers at the Town Hall requires some alcohol to drink.

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