Picture of Bliss
DI Quest Picture of Bliss
Difficulty Medium
Given By Jack (Warehouse)
Reward 1500 XP, Paralyzing Strike Mod
Task Find a picture of Jack's daughter.
Location Warehouse Previous Simon Says
Next N/A

Picture of Bliss is a medium side-quest given to the Hero by Jack.


The Hero must retrieve a picture of Jack's daughter from the looters who stole his wallet.

The Hero must defeat the criminals and bring the picture back to Jack.

Most of the punks will come running at you with melee weapons and can quickly close in, so be careful when you're dealing with them. Quick shots to the head with a fast firearm are highly effective.

In single player there were two punks with melee weapons that charged and another punk with a pistol that stayed inside. Of more concern was the Ram that sometimes spawns just north of the shop. Fortunately there are several Propane Tanks around, particularly if the Hero headed to the shop from the Warehouse/Simon's Hub.


  • This is an ideal sidequest to have active almost the entire game (anytime before the Heroes head to the Prison). Having it active (accepted but not completed) while performing other quests leaves it available if the Hero starts somewhere else, such as in the sewers. This allows the use of the Patch 1.3 smart waypoint system so the player can make the sidequest his tracked quest, exit the menu, and then exit the game. When reloaded the Hero will start in the Warehouse/Simon's Hub where items can be bought and sold, there's a Fast Travel point, and it's an easy matter to find some Raskols to kill for more pistol ammunition. The Act IV Prison Canteen does have a Fast Travel destination, though not a hub. As such it can be used in the same manner in Act IV. I have not checked to see what will happen if you exit the game with an Act IV quest active, however (will this quest be available anyway...).

Video Walkthrough

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