DI Patrick
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Scotland Scottish

Status Alive
Location Square
Quest(s) Paperwork

Bill is dead?! Oh, Jesus... Listen… you have to help us here. The data he was looking for are emergency radio frequencies. They're on the computer in the chief's office. They might help us get in contact with the outside world.
— Patrick, upon discovering Bill's death.

Patrick is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside the Square, and is part of a group of survivors led by Nick.

He gives the Hero the side quest Paperwork, in which the Hero must travel to the Police Station and find Bill, who they sent there to download radio frequencies.

The Hero finds Bill, dead, in a cell. Upon informing Patrick of Bill's fate, he shows concern, but urges the Hero to finish Bill's work. The Hero must then travel to the Chief's office and download the radio frequencies. Once Patrick has the radio frequencies, he tells the Hero to talk to Nick.

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