Difficulty Low
Given By Harlow Jordan
Reward XP, Cash
Task Go to Halai Village
Location Halai Village Previous New Beginnings
Next Saving Holy Man

Pathfinders is the fifth main quest in Dead Island: Riptide. It requires the player to find a new way of getting to Henderson.


The player must attempt to cross the old wooden bridge to Henderson. However, upon arriving at the bridge, they find that it has been destroyed by falling trees. The player(s) go to Halai Village again to try to fnd another way there.

The quest description is cryptic, as your destination is in the middle of a landmass. After getting an engine for the boat (which causes boats to spawn elsewhere on the map) you must reach the destination across the river. However, if you quit/reload the game, you must then go back to the boat dock to "gather at the boat" (whether the boat is there or not) to trigger the next stage's destination flag.


  • Go to Halai Village.
  • Use the boat to find a path through the jungle.
  • Gather on the boat.

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