DI Patrick
Difficulty Hard
Given By Patrick
Reward 1500 XP, Cash
Location Abandoned House Previous A New Broom Sweeps Clean
Next N/A

Paperwork is a side-quest given to the Hero by Patrick at the Square in Dead Island. This quest is only available after completing the main story quest "Lady in Trouble".


For detailed walkthrough of the Police Station, see Lady in Trouble.

The Hero must travel to the Police Station and find Bill, who they sent there to download radio frequencies.

The Hero finds Bill, dead, in a cell. The hero can interact with Bill's radiotelephone. Upon informing Patrick of Bill's fate, Patrick shows concern, but urges the Hero to finish Bill's work. The Hero must then travel to the Chief's office and download the radio frequencies. Then the Hero must make his way out of the police station to the Square. Once Patrick has the radio frequencies, he tells the Hero to talk to Nick.


  • If the player returns to the Police Stations after Lady in Trouble, but prior to doing this mission, the player can still interact with the chief's computer. Doing so will only toggle the computer to switch between the booting screen and the BSoD.
  • Upon reaching Bill, the game may glitch where the radio is only accessible if you crouch and move around till the interact icon appears.
  • You might not have to talk with Nick after the quest due to some glitch. Yet Patrick will pay you.
  • The option to download the data may be present before you accept the quest, although it won't count towards the quest.
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