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Palanai Island is the primary location featured in Dead Island: Riptide. This tropical island is located in the same archipelago as Banoi Island. Unfortunately, it has been hit by the same zombie outbreak that consumed Banoi. The virus was intentionally released on Palanai by Frank Serpo as a bio-weapons test to record the results of the new mutated strain of Kuru. Palanai has a vast jungle with Japanese bunkers from World War II, but due to the monsoon, much of the island is heavily flooded, even submerged.

The capital of Palanai is Henderson. For the mutant Kuru outbreak (like Moresby) there is a area called the quarantine zone, which spawns never ending infected. It is unknown as to whether or not it was nuked, but as the heroes left the island, the last of the survivor outposts were seen being overrun by Walkers and a Ram.


  • In random places you'll find a book that says "Dead Island RIPTIDE".

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