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DI Painkillers


Painkillers are miscellaneous items found in specific locations in Dead Island. Unfortunately, the Hero can't use painkillers to heal; it's strictly a quest item.

Painkillers are one of the items that has not been affected by the patch, meaning there is still an animation to pick it up.


  • On a table in the medical room of the Lifeguard Tower. (x2)
  • In an ambulance just up the road past the Lifeguard Tower.
  • In lifeguard vehicles along the beach.


  • Tell Me Where It Hurts (sidequest - Act I, Resort) Deliver one (1) Painkiller and three (3) Bandages to Mick Fler.
  • Dead island: Riptide- in Halai Village, the NPC Houston will give money and exp for every painkiller you bring him

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