The Paddle is the first melee weapon the Hero acquires in Dead Island. They are most commonly found in Act I on the beaches of the Resort usually propped up beside small boats or hanging on the walls as decorations. The paddle is best used in the early parts of the game where it makes for a good backup weapon with its moderate stamina usage and decent range, but suffers from low durability.

After a few level increases the paddle loses its effectiveness. It can't be repaired, can't be upgraded, can't be modified, its damage will not scale with the player's level, and when it has reached 0% durability the Hero will discard the paddle.


  • Battered Paddle
  • Paddle
  • Metal Rod Paddle


Dead Island: Epidemic

Game(s) DIEtopleft
Rarity Starter
Power 167
Defense 16
Critical strike 16
Ability None
Modification slots
None None
Account level 1
Tier 1
Gear points None (free)

Paddle in Dead Island: Epidemic is a starter weapon given to all players for free after they complete tutorial mission, just like Scattershot Pipe.

See also: Spiky Paddle


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