Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Difficulty Easy
Given By Stanley Garrison
Reward 400 XP, Cash
Task Get Booze for Stanley.
Location Hotel Bungalows Previous N/A
Next N/A

Out of Stock is a side quest in Dead Island.


The Hero encounters Stanley Garrison in one of the large bars in the pool area of the Hotel. He says that he doesn't want to move until he has a drink to "get himself even".

Apparently having drank the bar dry, he asks the Hero to search for more booze for him.

There are several bottles in the nearby pool area, but the Hero will have to search further to find enough bottles to sate Stanley Garrison's need for booze. While the quest is active, Alcohol bottles will show on the minimap as red pick-up hands.

While the game text asks for one (1) bottle of booze to be delivered to him, the player will find that a single bottle will not complete the quest. Apparently, it takes 15 bottles in total to satisfy the conditions of this side quest and Stanley Garrison will dole out increasing amounts of cash with each set of 5 bottles delivered.

Upon delivery of the 15th bottle, the Hero will be awarded Cash and XP in addition to the quest being completed.



  • Once he receives the final bottle, Stanley Garrison will permanently close the door to the bar. There is only one opportunity for the player actively talking to Stanley Garrison to grab the final amount of cash before he closes it up. The other players will see the yellow trophy icon on their mini-map, but will be unable to get inside the bar to retrieve the reward. Note: This issue is fixed in the Definitive Edition, as Stanley will not close the door until the players leave the area, allowing for everyone to receive their final award.
  • It is possible to glitch into the hut if you swing your weapon wildly while next to the building (this may apply to other buildings as well but I've yet to see it elsewhere)