Otha Cantu
Vital statistics
Gender Female

Uruguay Uruguayan

Status Deceased, Zombie
Location The Jungle
Quest(s) Bridge Too Far
Second Aid

I don't know how much time I've got left. I was transporting the medicine to the village when one of those things pushed through the window and sank his teeth into me.
— Otha, revealing her bite.

Otha Cantu is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is located on the metal bridge near the Overpass Camp.

She gives the Hero the side quest Bridge Too Far, in which the Hero must rescue her from the wreckage of her truck, which is surrounded by zombies. Once the area is cleared, she thanks the Hero and offers a reward.

Afterwards, she informs the Hero that she was bitten and cannot deliver the medical supplies to the wounded at the Overpass Camp. She gives the Hero the side quest Second Aid, in which the Hero must retrieve the medical supplies that have scattered beneath the bridge and deliver them to Paul at the Overpass Camp. After the mission is completed, she is nowhere to be seen, due to her being bitten, she more than likely turned into a Zombie.


  • While it is possible Otha became a zombie, she could've also jumped from the bridge in the hopes of taking her own life (as she refuses to risk turning while delivering goods, which suggests she may be willing to kill herself to avoid hurting others after death).

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