On the Edge
Difficulty Very Hard
Given By Chasing the White Rabbit
Reward N/A
Task Don't let White escape the island.
Location Prison Rooftop Previous Chasing the White Rabbit
Next End of the game, Another playthrough or Dead Island: Riptide

On the Edge is a very hard quest and the last quest of Act IV before the end of Dead Island.

On the rooftop, there are four gunmen plus Ryder White. The gunmen take cover frequently but are otherwise easy to kill, and there's a rifle on top of one of the containers (accessible via a ladder) to boost your firepower. After the gunmen are killed, Ryder White releases zombies, and he'll continue to fire at you. There is a storage room near the roof entrance with food, medkits, and a workbench; use these resources to stay alive and also use the doors as zombie crowd control. Many of the zombies are on fire, so if you close the door on them, some will die off on their own anyway.

You do not have to kill all the zombies; when you have the chance, you should be able to make your way to the helicopter landing and ascend the stairs at the back of the pad, up to the level where Ryder White is located.

Once on the landing, a cutscene plays. In the cutscene, the Heroes are suddenly being held at gunpoint by Ryder White, who has still not yet given the antidote to his infected wife, Emily, presumably because he wants to take the antidote to Sydney to have it replicated.

It's unclear why he has betrayed the Heroes since his intentions are apparently noble. During the cut-scene, Jin releases Emily, who rushes White and bites him. In a rage, he kills her and Jin, and then injects himself with the antidote. Unfortunately, it seems to have the opposite effect as intended and he mutates into a large zombie.

At this point, the Heroes must kill Infected White, which is no more difficult than a Thug; if you have Rage Mode available, use it and you can kill him in three or four hits.

Another cutscene plays; the Heroes board the helicopter with Kevin and discuss how nice it will be to get back to normalcy, but Kevin assures the Heroes that the world is not the same and never will be the same. Sound bytes from a news programme plays, and the helicopter flies into the distance.


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