On the Air
On Air
Difficulty Medium
Given By Dominic
Reward 1000 XP, Cash
Task Go to the Lighthouse and bring back a signal amplifier.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous To Kill Time
Next N/A

On the Air is a medium side quest given to the Hero by Dominic in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the Lighthouse and retrieve a Signal Amplifier to repair the antenna at the Lifeguard Tower.

The Hero must first talk to James Stein at the top of the Lighthouse tower. Issues with talking to James Stein have been known to exist.

James Stein will ask the Hero to help the people around the Lighthouse (specifically he gives the Knockin' on Heaven's Door sidequest). The Hero must then talk to Darvin Bark and complete his quest, "A Ray of Hope", in order to be able to get to the signal amplifier and bring it to the Lifeguard Tower, completing the quest.


  • Dominic disappears from the Lifeguard Tower after this quest is complete. he can be seen once on the roof, however, where his Wrench can be taken.


Video Walkthrough

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