Omar Escort
Quest Omar Escort
Difficulty Easy
Given By Omar Torres
Reward 600 XP, Revolver
Task Help Omar Torres to get to the Lifeguard Tower.
Location Hotel Bungalows Previous Hit and Run
Next N/A

Omar Escort is an easy quest given to the Hero by Omar Torres.


The Hero must first locate Omar Torres, and then complete the side-quest he gives them, Hit and Run. Afterwards, he will ask the Hero to escort him to the Lifeguard Tower. Omar will choose the pace himself, so the Hero should adapt. Of course there will be zombies on the way, but not too many.

After the mission is completed the Hero will get a revolver and gain 600 XP. The type of the revolver appears to be random, though it definitely won't be an advanced weapon, even if the Hero is at level 60. This is one of the earliest chances that the Hero has of obtaining a firearm in the game. Beginning around level 25 Pistols can be found in weapon chests, even in Act I.


  • This quest is much easier if the Hero heads to Omar from the Lighthouse, clearing the zombies on the way. Then only a few will respawn in time for the mission. Also a couple Infected will appear specifically as part of the mission, to harass the Hero.


"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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