"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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Ogio moke location

The approximate location.

Ogio Moke's Laundry is a Dead Zone featured in Dead Island: Riptide.


The Ogio Moke's Laundry Dead Zone can be found in eastern part of Henderson - very close to Fort Henderson. Entering this dead zone will trigger the quest Defeat Ogio "Blindspot" Moke.

Ogio Moke's Laundry
Named Boss Ogio "Blindspot" Moke (Toxic Frenzied Infected)
Blueprints None
Rare Modification Items Aluminum Tube, Blanket, Insulating Tape
Chests 1x common, 1x level 1, 2x level 2
Workbench None
Other notes All other enemies are either Infected or Walkers.

"It's bloody beautiful, isn't it?"
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