No Time to Talk
Difficulty N/A
Given By The Voice
Reward N/A
Task Get to the lab as fast as you can.
Location Banoi Island Previous Back in Black
Next Titus Andronikus

No Time to Talk is a quest given to the Hero by The Voice in Dead Island.


The Hero must return to the Laboratory "as quickly as possible"; from Mowen's boat (at the end of Back in Black), you'll dock in the jungle; you can fast travel to the Laboratory from there.

The Laboratory is pretty much as the Hero left it except that all the people are infected or corpses. In single player there are only a modest number of Walkers and 1-3 Infected. They are strung out with 4 Walkers being the largest concentration. Once the Laboratory is cleared none of the Zombies will respawn. You may hear the sounds of a Floater or Thug, but none spawn.

Upon arriving, the Hero must fight off the zombies and get back to Dr. West's lab.

Use the computer terminal on the table in the center of the lab to free Yerema where she is being held hostage. Yerema says that the scientists were attempting to drain her of all her blood, so she escaped. The scientists apprehended her, but in so doing opened cages that contained zombies.

Once Yerema is free and has relayed her story, The Voice tells the Hero to search the lab in case Dr. West managed to create an antidote before succumbing to zombies.

Look in the fridge that opens to find the Antidote.

To proceed to the prison, do not return to the boat. You trigger the next quest (and Act IV) by using the radio on the lab desk.


  • Upon completion of "No Time to Talk," the player travels to the prison and cannot come back. Anything the player wants to do should be done before going to the prison. You will be warned in the game about this so don't act hastily.
  • Despite the name of this quest, No Time to Talk, you can take as long as you want to complete it. Unlike a couple of the quests riding with Jin there is neither time limit nor time pressure.

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