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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Russian
Status Unknown
Location Bunker 02

Nice fucking vacation, huh?
— Nikolai
Nikolai is a survivor featured in Dead Island.

Nikolai is found near a crashed helicopter that he crashed on the beach during the quest "Black Hawk Down". The Hero must escort him to a nearby bunker, which then becomes a fast travel location.

Nikolai then gives the Hero the side quest "A Voice from Above the Sky", in which the Hero must find Nikolai's comrade, Sergei Kletska, who is located at Nikolai's restaurant Café Kiev, and retrieve a new satellite phone.

After accepting A Voice from Above the Sky and doing a screen transition (such as using the portal nearby) and coming back, Nikolai is revealed to be no longer at the bunker, leaving his status unknown.


As you can see, this piece of shit helicopter that was supposed to get me off this fucking island crashed! Figures, it wasn't Russian…
— Nikolai


  • In the Xbox 360 and PC version of the game, Nikolai wears sunglasses and a backpack.


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