Doctor Nguyen
DI Nguyen
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Vietnam Vietnamese

Status Deceased
Location Laboratory
Quest(s) Where is my Pineapple?
Wet Job

If you happen to be near the bungalows, could I ask you a favor? Could you look in bungalow #3 for my work files? They should be on the desk with my laptop.
— Nguyen asking for his work files.

Doctor Nguyen was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He was located inside the laboratory, and was part of a group of survivors led by Dr. Robert West.

He gives the Hero the side quest Where is my Pineapple?, in which the Hero must travel to Nguyen's bungalow and retrieve his scientific data. In exchange he gives the Hero the Tijuana Machete as a reward.

He then gives the Hero the side quest Wet Job in which the Hero must provide Nguyen with a sample of Floater tissue.

During the quest No Time to Talk, the lab is overrun, and Nguyen is killed along with the others.


Approaching Nguyen in the Laboratory.

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