Nenja Samejon
2011-09-06 00001
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown


Status Deceased
Location Hotel Bungalows

Nenja Samejon is a character featured in Dead Island. She is an infected human found in Bungalow 4 in the Hotel Bungalows area.

It appears that she's been involved in a sexual act. There are several video cameras on tripods pointed at her, and her wrists are handcuffed to the headboard, keeping her pinned. She is then killed along with the zombified director and the other zombified person.


  • Her name is an anagram of Jenna Jameson, the American entrepreneur and former pornographic actress known as the "Queen of Porn."
  • Sometimes when the Hero enters the room that Nenja is supposed to be in, she doesn't appear.
  • Regardless of how many times Nenja is killed, she will always respawn despite being a specifically named zombie and the player doesn't have to move far for that to happen.
  • You cannot headstomp this zombie.
  • Oddly, she makes sounds like that of a Walker, but has the appearance of an Infected and when she is killed, she counts as a human. This can be exploited to get the achievement/trophy: Humanitarian.