Nectar of Life
DI Quest Nectar of Life
Difficulty Very Easy
Given By Kim
Reward 100 XP, Cash
Task Acquire water for Kim
Location Golden Bungalows Previous N/A
Next N/A

Nectar of Life is a very easy continuous event given to the Hero by Kim in Dead Island.


This quest can usually be obtained when doing "Two Hearts" or "Toy Story". Search around the island for water bottles and bring them back to Kim in the Golden Bungalows area's southernmost bungalow.

Upon acceptance of the quest, it can be repeated as many times as the Hero has water bottles to give.


Water bottles are not hard to find in the Resort area. A few water bottles can be found in the bar area south of the Golden Bungalows, or you can follow the road from the Lifeguard Tower and use paths leading up to the bar area. There are a few bottles inside the bar in front of the entrance to the Diamond Bungalows area. Also, check the bars and Svetlana's bungalow.

The reward was increased to 100 XP with Patch 1.3.

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