My collectibles, let me show you them! is a challenge in Dead Island. It requires the player to obtain 140 collectibles, and boasts a reward of 50,000 XP upon completion. To see where the collectibles can be found, see the links below.


  • The challenge description says "Find all collectible items in the game!", but requires only 140 to complete, which is lower than the total amount of collectibles to be found (100 ID Cards, 40 Banoi Herald Excerpts, 12 Tape Recordings, and 48 Mods for a grand total of 200 collectibles).
  • The challenge satisfies itself everytime someone gets a collectible, even from a different character of the same account. One can loot ID Card 01 from one save and the same ID Card on the second save, and get 2 points in the challenge.
  • The challenge's name is a reference to an internet meme "My pokemans, let me show you them!".

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