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My Precious
DI My Precious
Difficulty Easy
Given By Jeannine
Reward 500 XP, Slicer
Task Retrieve Jeannine's necklace from Bungalow #6 in the Silver Bungalows district.
Location Lifeguard Tower
Previous To Kill Time
Next N/A

"My Precious" is an easy quest given to the Hero by Jeannine in Dead Island.


The Hero is asked by Jeannine to retrieve the necklace her husband gave her, which she forgot in her rush to escape. The necklace is located in Bungalow #6 in the Silver Bungalows district, where Jessica Nelson and Roger Nelson are located.

After speaking with Jessica Nelson and Roger Nelson, the player may accept the side quest "Bloody Valentine", in which the Hero must escort Jessica Nelson to the Lighthouse.

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