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Mr. White
Game(s) DIEtopleft
Personal info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Portrayed by Steven Kelly
Melee proficiency Melee110
Ranged proficiency Ranged90
Roles Burst Damage, Brawler, Mobile
Passive Landing strikes
After using Tumble, your next primary melee attack deals additional damage.
Bonus Damage: 20%
Difficulty Difficulty-damage-mobility-5
Protection Protection-control-2
Damage Difficulty-damage-mobility-5
Control Protection-control-4
Mobility Difficulty-damage-mobility-5

Mr. White is a playable character in Dead Island: Epidemic.


B-action movie star who went to Amaia with the movie studio to film on Amaia. On the morning that he gets out of his trailer to shoot, the entire crew had been infected. Thinking that it was part of the scene Mr. White immediately started acting accordingly to script while improvising as the zombies' reactions were not expected.
— Mr. White's lore
Mr. White is having trouble with differentiating his movie from reality; thus he enters each battle without fear and quickly gets into combat, lashing out high damage to single targets.


Rumble (Q)

(Max level 4)

Dash forward in a line. If an enemy is hit, that enemy is pushed and dealt damage. An enemy knocked into obstacles is dealt extra damage. Pierces Walkers and Infected.

  • Cooldown: 11.4s
  • Cast time: 0.1s
    • Damage: 100/110/120/150%
    • Bonus Damage: 50%
    • Piercing Damage: 50%

Stunning Impact

(Skill level 2)

  • If an enemy is pushed into obstacles the enemy is stunned.
    • Stun: 1.5s

One's environment can be a lethal weapon in the right hands. You, Mr White... Consider new hands.
— Mr White's Master.

Ready for Action

(Skill level 3)

  • If no enemy is pushed, the cooldown for Rumble is reduced.
    • Cooldown Reduction: 40%

A missed attack can be both a failure and an oppurtunity. You, Mr White... You probably will not see many oppurtunities.
— Mr White's Master.

Tumble (E)

(Max level 4)

Leap towards a target location and attack. The attack deals damage to a main target and area damage.

  • Cooldown: 11.4s
  • Cast time: 0.1s
    • Damage: 90/100/110/140%
    • Area Damage: 50%

Up and at 'em.

(Skill level 2)

  • Upon hitting enemies with Tumble, you gain an amount of rage based upon the number of enemies you hit.
    • Rage Bar(s): 0.4

Enter battle calm in both mind and body. You, Mr White... Could settle with angry.
— Mr White's Master.

Launching Palm

(Skill level 3)

  • Instantly recast to uppercut enemies in front of you, throwing them up into the air dealing damage. You are not yet strong enough to launch Hoarders or Massive zombies into the air.
    • Instant Recast
    • Duration: 1.5s
    • Launching Palm Damage: 100%

A skilled warrior knows when and when not to follow up an attack. You, Mr White... Maybe just guess.
— Mr White's Master.

Action Hero (R)

(Max level 4)

If you are about to die, you will not fall for a set amount of time. This effect has an internal cooldown. Activate to make your next primary melee attack deal additional damage.

  • Cooldown: 13.3s
  • Cast time: 0s
    • Passive Cooldown: 120/110/100/75s
    • Bonus Damage: 35/45/55/85%
    • Buff Duration: 5s
    • Invulnerable Duration: 2.5s

Hit the Shin

(Skill level 2)

  • Activating causes your next primary melee attack to cripple enemies. Learning shin-kicking was not for naught.
    • Cripple Duration: 2s

Superior speed may very well win your battles. You, Mr White... Sadly lack any form of superiority.
— Mr White's Master.

Healing Strike

(Skill level 3)

  • Activating causes your next primary melee attack to heal you for a percentage of your damage.
    • Health Restored: 150%

A good attack will lift your spirits. You, Mr White... Shame nothing you make is good.
— Mr White's Master.

Beatdown (F)

(Max level 3)

Rush forward in a line. If an enemy is hit, that enemy is selected for a beatdown. You and the enemy disappear and the enemy is dealt damage as you beat 'em up. Pierces Walkers and Infected.

  • Cooldown: 42.7s
  • Cast time: 1s
    • Damage: 420/490/560%
    • Duration: 2s
    • Piercing Damage: 200%

Dazed and Confused

(Skill level 2)

  • After the beatdown, the enemy is confused for a duration of time.
    • Confusion: 2s
    • Damage to break effect: 10%

A confused enemy is one's favorite enemy. You, Mr White... You are everybody's favorite.
— Mr White's Master.


  • When taunting Mr. White sometimes says "Say my name" as a reference to Breaking Bad TV series.



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