Mowen 123
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Jamaica Jamaican

Status Deceased (likely a zombie)
Location Mingende
Quest(s) River Trip
Portrayed by Adam Gifford (as "Adam G")

The moke in charge of the prison is one mean motherfucker. Name's Titus. He won't let us inside we show up empty-handed. Just before the shit hit the fan, I was moving some weapons. They in a warehouse on the coast. At least that's where I left 'em. You bring me whatever you find there.
— Mowen, describing Titus Kabui.

Mowen was a survivor featured in Dead Island.

Once the Hero is able to make contact with the Voice, they are told to find Mowen, who will guide them through the minefield around the Voice's location, the Prison.

He originally claims to have no knowledge of the prison, and instead gives the Hero the quest River Trip, in which the Hero must travel to the Laboratory and check on the situation there.

Eventually, Mowen offers to take the Hero to the Prison, where he introduces the Hero to his friend Titus Kabui. While helping Titus and the other prisoners, Mowen waits in the same room as Titus, Jin, Yerema and a few others. Unfortunately, some prisoners begin to riot, and soon the undead overrun the canteen. Mowen sacrifices himself in order to save Jin and Yerema, as he helps them into a vent so that they may escape. He, on the other hand, is torn apart by the undead. It is likely that what remains of him was infected and turned.


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