Message to the Masses
DI Message to the Masses
Difficulty Medium
Given By Hugo
Reward 1500 XP, Cash
Task Bring the recording to Garett Grant.
Location Moresby Previous Way of Salvation
Next The First Head of Cerberus

"Message to the Masses" is a medium quest given to the Hero by Hugo.


The Hero must bring a recording to a man named Garett Grant. Afterwards, the Hero needs to activate a series of speakers around Moresby.

The easiest route is probably to start at the Warehouse/Simon's Hub. Head west past the shop where the Survivor quest is. Turn south along the side of the buildings to the corner, where it meets the road and there's a dumpster behind some barricades. You'll have to kill an Infected to get there. Jump onto the dumpster in the street. Stand on it while killing any Zombies that are attracted. Now you want to head due south on the street. You can run up on the car by the gate to kill Zombies or just head over the wall. At most an Infected or two will come over the wall after you.

The most dangerous portion of this is that there are 2 Rams that randomly spawn near your path. When they detect you they will try to get you. In this case it's easiest just to reload and try again, until you get a time when neither spawns.


"To all survivors!!! We offer sanctuary in the church. If you can hear me, please come. There is safety in numbers and the Lord will protect you."

Video walkthrough

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