aka The Rebel

  • I live in Rochester
  • My occupation is The Vox Populi's number two
  • I am Male
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  • I noticed you have been uploading images taken directly from other sources. Please make sure to use credit the original source in the image's description (the File: page).

    Additionally, make sure to use relevant filenames (such as riptide-joel-chubalba-motel-location).

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    • Second notice.

      Please make sure to use credit the original source in the image's description (the File: page).

      Additionally, make sure to use relevant filenames, and please take a look at the Image policy.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I tried to explain to you previously that your editing practices here on the Wiki were against the spirit of the community and, despite the previous warning, you have continued doing so.

    I'd like to say that I did appreciate some of your recent edits as they were constructive and they did improve the content of the Wiki. However, this does not excuse the fact that you began slipping into questionable editing habits again and so regrettably I have blocked you from editing for 1 week. After the block has expired you are most welcome to edit here again and with a clean slate to start on.

    I hope to see you working with us again soon.

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    • Leaf-storm wrote: Excuse me but editing achievements for your own use is as stupid as hacking achievements on steam.

      This wasn't the issue, he was blocked for achievement hunting. Making a single, small, and most of the time extremely insignificant change to an article in order to maintain the "edit-a-day" achievement status. He was warned by WikiaWizard, but continued despite the warning.

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    • Mroosa wrote:

      ZanyDragon wrote: So surely you see where I'm going with this. And if you or anyone else ever block me again, I shall NOT be happy about it.

      Who would be happy with being blocked? And your reasoning is flawed. Just because abusing the achievements is tempting, doesn't mean you should.

      Yes I do ZanyDragon. However I will remind you that you were blocked for the reason I have stated in my original post. However, I can also inform you that this was not considered solely on your recent actions as Mroosa has mentioned in the past; This is not the first time you have been "achievement hunting" as seen by your previous edits to various articles and the Weapons Charts pages in particular. This, and from the evidence shown in your contribution history in the previous year, ultimately resulted to the issue of your block.

      Also I would like say that whether you are ever blocked again depends on whether you follow the wiki's policy which, of course, applies to all members of this community. So, break the rules again and you will be blocked. In regard to how happy you are about such a decision is entirely up to you.

      So to conclude let us put this all in the past and move on. ZanyDragon, I would like to welcome you back to the community with a brand new start. Have a nice day.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Zany,

    I am leaving you this message to say that, although all constructive contribution are appreciated, it appears that you have been making an excessive number of minor edits over a long period of time (approx 100 days). This have given us reason to believe that you may be editing to gain achievements and this is rather frowned upon on this wiki.

    I ask that you refrain from continuing this practice from this point on otherwise we will unfortunately have to give you a short term block and suspend you from the Leaderboard.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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    • What would you advise that I do instead?

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    • Well there are many things that you can do in addition to your usual edits:

      • Format entire pages rather than link, italicize or make a few words in bold,
      • Make more substantial edits on a few articles rather than many minor ones,
      • You can help expand articles which are marked as Stubs,
      • Rewrite pages so they are more readable,
      • Create new pages for articles which are wanted on the Wiki etc.

      Those are a few suggestions. It is entirely up to you to decide what edits you want to make from here but I simply suggest that you avoid making only a single, minor contribution which is superficial. Maybe instead you should jump right in and be more bold with you edits and share your knowledge with us :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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