Medkits (short for Medical Kits) are items found in Dead Island that are used to heal the player character and other injured Heroes.

Unopened, they have the appearance of a red first aid kit, with a white plus sign on it and a small information applet in the area just right of the handle. Medkits comes in three different sizes:

  • Small Medkit: Heals 1 bar
  • Medium Medkit: Heals 3 bars
  • Large Medkit: Heals 5 bars


  • When the player first begins the game, a medium Medkit can be found in the back area of the starting room in the hotel.
  • Medkits can be found in several fixed locations through the Banoi Island. They hang under a sign reading "First Aid".
  • The players can find several merchants who sell the medium Medkit for $200 and after Act I, the large Medkit for $500.
  • After Act I there is a chance that a Medkit can be obtained as loot after killing any kind of zombie.
  • In act one (and after) it is possible to farm large med kits. There is a large med kit lying in the pasenger (left) side floor board of a crashed white truck part way between the lighthouse gas sation and Harlan's shack. If you travel to the station or Harlan's shack it respawns, yielding two per round trip. After completing the quest Fluid Necessity this route can also be used to farm Molotovs (albeit slowly) by picking up alcohol at the station and bringing it to Harlan.


  • After picking them up one can normally replenish them by re-entering or reloading the map.
  • During Act III, it is wise to stock up on Large Medkits bought from Joel Dirt, as one will use them profusely from then on.
  • Xian Mei is the only Hero that can obtain a percentage bonus to Medkit healing due to her First Aid (25% bonus), Field Medicine (50% bonus) and Surgeon General (75% bonus) skills in her Survival tree.


  • When using any Medkit, it immediately switches to Alcohol if one have any in the inventory. Hazardous if surrounded by hordes of zombies.
  • Though the max inventory stack is 30, salvaged Medkits and purchased Medkits might need to be given to Jin and then re-collected to fall under one stack.


  • Despite being Medkits, they look like medical syringe in the game Killing Floor when used (although with a different texture and a bigger tank).


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