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The McCall's 9mm

McCall's 9mm
is a Legendary Weapon found in Dead Island. McCall's 9mm holds 15 rounds.

This weapon, along with the other legendary weapons, is a rare drop that can be found on dead enemies or in metal chests. Legendary Weapons have a very low chance of spawning and do not appear in any specific area. The weapon itself is a nickel or chrome finish Beretta 92FS with black grips.

A level 60, unmodified, fully-upgraded version of this weapon (wielded by Purna) can have the following stats (note that any two Legendary Weapons of exactly the same type — such as two McCall's 9mm — can have slightly different stats from each other):

Damage: 533+234
Accuracy: 86
Rate of fire: 150
Reload speed: 20


  • The name "McCall" refers to Techland's other game franchise, Call of Juarez, and more specifically to Ben McCall, one of Call of Juarez: The Cartel's protagonists, who is often seen wielding a Beretta 92FS (albeit the one in CoJ:TC is two tone black and gray, not silver).


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