DI Max
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Unitedstates American

Status Alive
Location Pool House, Lifeguard Tower
Quest(s) Family Matters

Poor son of a bitch. I thought he'd make it... Guess I was wrong. Thanks, anyway. I appreciate the help.
— Max, upon learning William's 'fate'

Max is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is found in the Pool House. He is seen sitting on a couch next to Kelly, comforting her.

After moving to the Lifeguard Tower, he gives the Hero the side quest Family Matters, in which the player must find Kelly's husband, William, who is located at the Diamond Bungalows. The Hero later finds William in a bungalow which also houses multiple intoxicated men and women. William tells the Hero that he does not want to see his wife, and says to tell her that he's dead. Once the Hero returns to Max and Kelly to inform them of William's "fate", Kelly continues sobbing, and Max expresses disbelief.


  • He has a bandage wrapped around his left forearm, implying that he may have been bitten or injured during the outbreak. However, later on, he is seen without a bandage or any signs of injury.
  • When the Hero first sees Max comforting Kelly, she refers to him as Mark.


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