DI Matutero2
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Haiti Haitian

Status Alive
Location River Village
Quest(s) Chasing Shadows
Soldier of Fortune
Portrayed by James Mathis

I'll take you to Mowen, but it won't be easy… To reach him we need a boat, and the only boat we had was stolen by that bastard Afran.
— Matutero explaining that the only boat was stolen by Afran

Matutero is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located in the River Village.

He is encountered during the quest Welcome to the Jungle, in which the Hero, along with Jin, find him in the ruins of his village. The zombie infection took his village completely by surprise, and wiped out most of its population. The Hero and Jin find him inside a hut, along with Mohakin, where he says that he will take Jin and the Hero to see Mowen if they do him a favor.

He gives the Hero the quest Chasing Shadows, in which the Hero must retrieve a crate of supplies. Doing this earns Matutero's trust.

He then gives the Hero the quest Soldier of Fortune, in which the Hero must find and kill Afran and retrieve the boat that he stole.


Last night a whole mob of those crazy motherfuckers came crashing in here like animals. It's amazing anyone is still alive.
— Matutero explains what happened to the village

Afran's boys shoot the hell out of anything that moves.
— Matutero explains about Afran's Soldiers

We've been through hell here.
— Matutero explaining about what the village has gone through.

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