Marcus Davis
Di marcus davis
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Scotland Scottish

Status Alive (Possibly)
Location Royal Palms Resort

Name's Marcus. I was fixing this piece of shit when these things came out of nowhere! See if you can get that other transformer back online while I finish fixing this one. Go!
— Marcus, introducing himself and telling the Heroes to turn on the transformers.

Marcus Davis is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is only found during the quest A Ray of Hope inside the Golden Bungalows transformer station, but is part of the group of survivors led by James Stein at the Lighthouse.

He is the secondary focus of the A Ray of Hope quest, in which the Hero must locate Marcus and help him repair the transformers, at the request of Darvin Bark. Marcus can be found behind the bungalow adjacent Kim's bungalow in the Golden Bungalows area. He will be behind a fence surrounded by zombies. After defeating the zombies, he will direct the Hero to visit the second transformer station located in the Silver Bungalows area.


  • Marcus Davis shares the same name as Irish-American UFC mixed martial artist.
  • Originally in Ray of Hope the player was supposed to escort Marcus back to the lighthouse, however this part of the mission was scrapped.