Man of Faith
DI Man of Faith
Difficulty Hard
Given By Robert West
Reward 7500 XP
Task Find the natives camping near the lab to take their blood samples.
Location Laboratory Previous House of Science
Next Demonic Science

"Man of Faith" is a hard quest given to the Hero by Doctor Robert West in Dead Island.


The Hero must find the natives camping near the Laboratory to obtain blood samples.

You can take the lab jeep up the mountainside most of the way to the camp. Driving from the lab, you come first to a closed gateway, guarded by an unfriendly but non-aggressive native guard.

Walking up the mountain to the left of the gateway takes you around the camp to a side entrance.

Immediately upon entering, you are greeted by Koritoia Ope's, who tells you that you must pass a "test" by fighting multiple Infected and finally one large Infected Warrior (plus a few straggling companions) before the chief will accept the Hero into the tribe's camp. Once this is done, the Hero can take some blood from the natives.

Food is placed around the edges of the fighting pit (as well as a couple in the center area). A medium medkit, a bottle of Alcohol, and a few weapons are also in the pit. There are two caves that the Infected will spawn from. They appear to spawn in waves, with both spawning at the same time, though it's possible one spawns from its cave soon after the previous Infected from that cave dies. Some will have noxious fumes emanating from them, while others will be on fire. Meat Bait is likely to be very helpful in defeating them, though several will be required due to the number of waves.


  • The term "Man of Faith" is often used to describe a person that is more religious than others; a priest or reverend.

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