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Make Yourself at Home
Quest Make Yourself at Home
Difficulty Very easy
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Reward 500 XP, Baseball Bat
Task Help Harlan get inside the hut.
Location Royal Palms Resort
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"Make Yourself at Home" is a very easy side quest in Dead Island given to the Hero by Harlan Johnson.


The Hero finds Harlan outside a hut, with zombies at the gate. Once the area is cleared, Harlan asks the Hero to break into the hut, so that they can look for anything useful.

Either exit through the gate which you came in through or to the left of the gate there is luggage stacked up which can be used to climb over the fence. Make your way around behind, outside of the fence, until you see more boxes and luggage stacked next to a rocky outcropping. Use this to climb atop the rocks and do a running jump over the fence; be warned that you will usually take damage upon landing — approximately 1-4 boxes on the health bar. However, if you can aim your jump well and hit the top of the fence first, it counts as a landing and you will not lose any health when hitting the ground.

Proceed around to the side to the door which you will have to break in. Inside you will find a workshop. Enter the main room through the double doors. Be on guard as there is a Thug in this room. The best way to defeat the Thug is by using a Molotov Cocktail or another explosive weapon, or by kicking, then slashing when he goes into his angry roaring / arm flailing, followed by backing up immediately to stay out of his reach. Repeat the kick-slash-back up combo until he dies. There is an occasional glitch in which the Thug in this room doesn't attack at all, but instead simply stands, grumbling a bit, while you freely attack him until he dies. The Thug will have the keys, so take them after he is dead and open the front doors to let Harlan inside.

Finishing this side quest will give you another one.


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