Di lucy
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown

Australia Australian

Family Hector Lecter (husband)
Status Unknown (likely dead/zombie)
Location Bungalow 15

Blood... Blood everywhere...
— Lucy
Lucy is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is found in the same bungalow as Hector Lecter, located near the hotel. She appears to have been traumatized by the outbreak, continuously mumbling about all the blood.

When the Hero enters the bungalow, they will hear Lucy mumbling to herself. Upon entering the room she is in, the Hero will see her curled up in the corner. Hector is standing near her, armed with a knife and presumably protecting her. When the Hero draws close, Hector attacks and must be killed. Lucy does not react to Hector's death and continues to mumble.

If the Hero revisits the bungalow after the completion of "Toy Story," Lucy is nowhere to be found. It is possible that due to Hector being killed in "Toy Story", she was left defenseless against the zombies and was probably killed and reanimated by the time the Hero revisits the bungalow. This is backed up due to her traumatized state, it is unlikely that she made it to safety by herself.


  • Lucy appears to be suffering from a mental breakdown, as she does not react to her surroundings and appears to be reminiscing on a traumatizing event that happened prior to the Hero finding her.
  • Anne Snider's teddy bear, the primary focus of the side quest "Toy Story," is located in bungalow 15 with Hector and Lucy.
  • Due to the likelihood of Hector Lecter possibly being a reference to the song "Helter Skelter" by the famous English rock band The Beatles, it can also be interpreted that, due to their close proximity, Lucy is a reference another song by The Beatles titled "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
  • It is possible to lead some zombies to Lucy and have them attack her. If they start attacking, Lucy will stay curled up and repeat her lines until she is killed.
  • She shares the same dialogue as Carla (Town Hall)