You may be looking for Light my fire, an achievement in Dead Island.
Light My Fire
DI Light My Fire
Difficulty Hard
Given By Trevor Cohen
Reward 500 XP, Nail Hammer
Task Get flares from the wrecks on the coast.
Location Lighthouse Previous Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Next N/A

Light My Fire is a hard quest given to the Hero by Trevor Cohen in Dead Island.


The Hero is asked by Trevor Cohen to search a cave on a nearby beach cove for signal flares that may have washed ashore with recent shipwrecks.

You are expected to walk down the road from the Lighthouse and then cut over the hillside trails at the bend. There are extra Walkers and Infected along this path while this quest is active for just this reason. You can, however, drive past the Lighthouse Gas Station to get to the area instead.

The boats are guarded by Infected and Walkers as well as a Thug. As is usual, the Infected are the most dangerous. There are some raised areas that can be used to keep the Walkers and Thug at bay. There are also Propane Tanks and crates that can be thrown in the area. Kill the Zombies, gather the flares, and return to get your reward. If you walk back up the hill there are again extra Infected to oppose you.


  • Various locked boxes and other useful items are scattered around the area of the quest and medium MedKits are on some of the boats.
  • There is (depending on your game, but often seems to occur) a large number of Walkers in the watery area where the flares are. Be on the lookout for energy drinks scattered around (usually beside the flares) and the MedKits you find, both of which can assist you if you are low on health.
  • Using rage against the Walkers in this area comes in handy to get in and out quickly.



  • After collecting all four flares, the dotted white line on the radar may disappear. Re-selecting the quest in the quest menu will fix this.
  • Flares may disappear from your inventory if you are killed. Reloading (fast traveling around, moving to the sewers or Moresby) may fix this bug.
  • Flares will sometimes fall through the boat, making your quest marker point you towards the boat even though the flare is right in front of you or is already in your inventory. The only way to fix this is to exit the game and return to your last checkpoint.
  • The dotted white line tells you to go somewhere near bunker 4 however it will be blocked you have to go the other way after completing the quest in is unblocked.

Video Walkthrough

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