General information

Anne (Dies after Life in the Bag is completed)
Kelly Powell
Laura (Mentioned in Act II, later dies)
Omar Torres (Once Omar Escort is completed)
Steven (Leaves when The Lost is completed)
Wayne (Merchant)
Adrian (missing)
Eddie (missing)


John Sinamoi

The Lifeguard Tower is the second Safe House the Hero encounters in Dead Island. The leader of the survivors there is John Sinamoi. While the survivors here are eager to leave the island of Banoi, they feel that it is necessary to wait for the military to help them. This is why they do not join forces with the survivors at the Lighthouse, who do not feel like waiting for the military. After the Heroes go to the Prison, it is unknown what happened to them after the events of Dead Island.

Associated quests


  • When returning to the tower in Act II, there is a glitch where you can hear a woman coughing but none of the survivors inside the complex are actually coughing. This was Anne, the woman Jack needed the Hero to get medical supplies from the ambulance Life in the Bag. Anne died shortly after the quest was completed, so this must have been an oversight by developers.

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