Life in the Bag
Quest Life in the Bag
Difficulty Medium
Given By Jack
Reward 700 XP, Sickle
Task Find a paramedic's bag in an ambulance or lifeguard vehicle.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous Bloody Health Service
Next N/A

Life in the Bag is a medium quest given to the Hero by Jack in Dead Island.


After completing the quest "Bloody Health Service!", the Hero is asked by Jack to search for a paramedic's bag, which can be found in an ambulance or a lifeguard vehicle.

The easiest way to find it is to follow the road from the Lifeguard Tower. Note that the truck with the paramedic's bag in the back will have an Infected and several Walkers nearby.

One of the best approaches is through the Golden Bungalows as the Walkers can be lead away from the others and engaged one or two at a time.

Video walkthrough


  • It is convenient to look for the bag when looking for the car parts that Hank needs. (For more information, see the quest "Lazarus Rising" page.)
  • When this quest is completed, Cindy (Anne) will disappear from the infirmary, but you can still hear her coughing.


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