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The left hand of glova usage example

The Left hand of glova is a weapon blueprint featured in Dead Island. This Developer's Craft can be created at a workbench through the Developer's 666 craft blueprint.

Visually in appearance, the Left hand of glova is simply the Hero's left hand formed into open palm. Upon a successful hit, an impact shock effect will knock down the victim. Though the weapon won't kill the target, it will allow the player to stomp its head.

Like other impact effect weapons, it cannot knock down the Ram.



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"beware the power of glova"
The Brown Skull unlocks the Developer's Craft Mod #666.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Developer's 666 Craft




  • The Heroes can only use the weapon once before running out of Stamina, which puts them in a very vulnerable position amongst a group of enemies. Caution is advised in such situations.
    • The player's stamina bar does not have to be completely full to use this weapon, even though it drains the entire bar.
  • The cost of repair is $12,500 from a durability of 0%, and it can become very costly considering its low durability, so it should not be used constantly unless the player can afford to repair it regularly.
  • The weapon appears invisible on the ground, so it is advisable to have one free slot when crafting it, otherwise the player may have to scan the ground until a pickup notification occurs.
  • In some cases it can burn out the enemy skin completely.


  • The weapon usage animation resembles the Electro Bolt plasmid ability animation in BioShock. When the weapon is used without stamina, the animation looks similar to the one in BioShock injecting the protagonist's arm with EVE. (The animation is the same as injecting a medkit, albeit without the medkit.)
  • The weapon name is probably a reference to the left Hand of Vecna.
  • The animation also remarkably resembles the lightning spell animation from Fable II.


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