Lazarus Rising
DI Lazarus Rising
Difficulty Very Easy
Given By Hank
Reward 300 XP
Task Find 4 parts from nearby cars.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous To Kill Time
Next N/A

Lazarus Rising is a very easy quest given to the Hero by Hank.


The Hero must search the area near the Lifeguard Tower and bring 4 Car Parts to Hank. The cars that have the parts are found at the road that ends at the Lifeguard Tower's gate, although the red pick-up truck on the road to the Lighthouse also has one. Just stop at the front of each car (which will be on your radar) and hold the Use key.


  • Even after the Hero completes the quest, the car parts will be available, though the Hero won't be able to give any to Hank. They can be sold, however, as well as purchased from merchants.
  • One of the cars that have a part contains the Paramedic's Bag that Jack needs. (See the quest "Life in the Bag" page.)
  • After you complete the mission you will be able to drive the truck. There is a delay before it becomes available, however.
  • If you save and reload or leave a vehicle's vicinity for a while and return it will have another car part available. As such you don't need more than one car to provide all the necessary parts.


  • Like all of the other vehicles that can be randomly found all over Banoi , its license plate says "D34D 1574ND", which stands for Dead Island.
  • The name 'Lazarus Rising' is a reference to the biblical story of St. Lazarus of Bethany. Jesus restored St. Lazarus' life after he had been declared dead, four days earlier.

Video Walkthrough:

"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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