Laurie Weaver
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Family Linwood Weaver (husband)
Status Alive (Likely escaped with her husband)
Location Around the Royal Palms Resort

We were driving to the Lifeguard Tower when Something jumped in front of the car. John lost control and we crashed
— Laurie, talking about the crash.

Laurie Weaver is a survivor featured in Dead Island.

In the quest Crash, the Hero finds Laurie panicking at the side of the road, just outside the west tunnel. When the Hero approaches, Laurie explains that she and her husband, Linwood, were driving to the Lifeguard Tower when something jumped on their car and they crashed their car. Laurie was able to get free, but Linwood has become trapped inside the upside-down car. The Hero must wrench the door open and protect the vehicle from the attacking Infected.

Once Linwood is freed, he thanks the Hero and offers a reward. He and Laurie remain at the crash site for a short while, then flee the area after the Hero leaves.


  • Oddly, Laurie refers to her husband as "John," despite his name being Linwood Weaver.