Last Chance on the Wall
Difficulty Hard
Given By Howard Craigson
Reward 1500 XP, Impact Mod
Task Hang posters around town for Howard Craigson
Location Saint Christopher's Church Previous Sacred Silence
Next N/A

Last Chance on the Wall is a hard quest given to the Hero by Howard Craigson.


The Hero is asked by a man named Howard Craigson to hang posters around town to inform anyone that may know him where his wife and child are located, as it is told that he has been separated from them since when they were attacked by some Infected. The Hero is then given locations to put the posters and must fight zombies in order to reach them and put the posters safely.


  • Oddly, if the player takes the time to look at the signs after they’re placed, one can notice that the message says “I’m waiting in the motel. I can help you” and contains a photo of a man that looks nothing like The quest giver, Howard.

Video Walkthrough