DI kwan
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Korearepublic Korean

Family Cho (brother)
Status Alive
Location Warehouse
Quest(s) Blood Ties

I'm Kwan. My brother and I came here from Korea to work. To send money back for our family. I went out to look for food - and those things, they try to kill me. If not for Nick, I'd be dead. He bring me here. But my brother. He still hiding in our apartment.
— Kwan, introducing himself.

Kwan is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside the Warehouse, and is part of a group of survivors led by Simon Buchanan.

Kwan gives the Hero the side quest Blood Ties, in which the Hero must locate his brother, Cho, and escort him to the Warehouse.


  • Kwan says that he and his brother came to Banoi from Korea in order to work. They also claim to send the money they earn back home, to their family.
  • It is never revealed whether Kwan and his brother are from North or South Korea. Though it is more likely that they are South Korean due to heavy restrictions on travel and villifying of the West carried out by North Korea.

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