DI Kim
Vital statistics
Gender Female

Unitedkingdom British

Status Alive
Location Golden Bungalows
Quest(s) Nectar of Life

Do you have any water? I'm so thirsty…
— Kim, asking for water.

Kim is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is found in the same bungalow as Anne Snider, located in the Golden Bungalows near the hotel.

She gives the continuous event Nectar of Life, which requires the Hero to bring her bottled water in exchange for money. She will constantly beg for water whenever the Hero passes by, even after she has received several bottles.


From the lifeguard station, follow the road northward until reaching the crashed lifeguard truck. From the back of the truck, go straight up the hill to the bungalow. The Hero will have to break in the door.



kim's location