Kicking is an attack in Dead Island. It can be used to stop charging zombies in their tracks as well as allowing players to kick a downed zombie to ensure a kill. Kicking is the only attack that can never be interrupted, though as of patch 1.3.0 kicking now uses a significant amount of stamina.


  • Multiple kicks may sometimes be required to knock down a zombie.
  • Attacking a downed enemy will reset their ragdoll time. In other words, you can stop an enemy from getting back up indefinitely by attacking it, even with kicks. This does not deal much damage however, and drains stamina steadily.
  • Kicking while in mid-air will deliver a flying kick, which deals more damage and knocks down most zombies in one hit, but drains more stamina. As you progress through the levels however, jump-kicks will not knock down enemies in one hit. This is more so if you are playing with another player. (Confirmed PC, Logan Lv 55 with 3 players.)
  • Kicking a zombie onto another zombie will often make it fall as well. This domino effect can be used at the player's advantage against tightly packed groups.
  • A great way to use kicks against 'Infected' (fast moving zombies) is to wait for them to come at you and properly time a jump kick while pushing backwards. This backward type kick does a great job of stopping them quickly, knocking them down, and the timing is easier than a forward or straight up jump kick.
  • Kicking a zombie into a pool of water can drown it in 15 seconds or less depending on how much health the zombie has.
  • Upon unlocking the second tier of your Combat Skill Tree, you will also unlock the Stomp move, which is triggered by aiming at a downed enemy's head and pressing the kick key. This move instantly kills any enemy, even Thugs, Butchers and humans. The initial Stomp move is rather slow, but choosing the last skill in the Combat Skill Tree upgrades it to a much faster double feet jumping Stomp.
  • Using the Stomp is a good way to get some extra experience. The stomp attack shatters the zombie's head, thus granting experience for the "shatter" and the kill. It is also useful for conserving weapon durability.

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