DI Ken
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 40's

Nigeria Nigerian

Status Deceased
Location Royal Palms Resort

Argh... I need something... for the pain... Otherwise... I'm not gonna fucking make it... Please, give me something...
— Ken

Ken was a survivor featured in Dead Island.


Ken was a member of the security team at the Royal Palms Resort, and is found inside the hotel during the quest Born to be Wild. Unfortunately, while attempting to reach his partner, Mike Davis, Ken was overwhelmed by zombies. In order for Mike to unlock the doors to the parking garage, the Hero must find Ken.

The Hero finds Ken locked inside a storage closet. Unfortunately, Ken is injured and requires medicine. However, once Ken receives the medicine, he becomes delusional for a moment before passing away.


  • Oddly, once Ken dies, his eyes continue to blink.

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