Judgement Day
Tim, Quest, Judgement Day
Difficulty Hard
Given By Tim
Reward 1500XP, Short Circuit Mod
Task Travel to Tim's neighbor's house and find his gun.
Location Moresby Previous Matter of Justice
Next N/A

Judgement Day is a hard side quest given to the Hero by Tim in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to Tim's neighbor's house and retrieve the neighbor's gun.

The house is filled with smoke, which impairs the Hero's vision, making it hard to see the Thug in the kitchen. The kitchen is to the left of the room you have to go through a door to enter. It has no door. Thus you are safe when you go through the door if you take care. With a little attention you can still see him before you're in his aggression/detection range. If you have trouble equip a weapon and press the button to prepare to throw it. The red target indicator will give him away clearly. This is especially easy if you have increased throwing range.

After killing the Thug, the gun can be found on the kitchen floor, in a briefcase beside a cabinet. When exiting the house, the bathroom door will now be open containing a metal chest.



The Abandoned House location, South West of the Church

Found southwest of the Church, on the west side of the first group of buildings across the bridge on the north side of the street. The map marker for the portal, labeled "Abandoned House", can be seen from the church but only appears once the quest has been accepted but will not be highlighted in red like usual quests.


  • 'Judgement Day' traditionally refers to the Apocalypse. It is also a term used in the 'Terminator' series of fiction (movies, TV series, books, etc.) to refer to the day the nuclear weapons were used.
  • Also, "Tim's Gun" may refer to fashion designer Tim Gunn, one of the judges on the television show Project Runway.

Video walkthrough

"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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