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Judgement Day
Tim, Quest, Judgement Day
Difficulty Hard
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Reward 1500XP, Short Circuit Mod
Task Travel to Tim's house and find his gun.
Location Moresby
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Judgement Day is a hard side quest given to the Hero by Tim in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to Tim's neighbor's house and retrieve his gun.

The house is filled with smoke, which impairs the Hero's vision, making it hard to see the Thug in the kitchen.

After killing the Thug, the gun can be found on the kitchen floor, in a briefcase beside a cabinet.


Found southwest of the Church, at the rear of the first group of buildings across the bridge. The map marker for the portal, labeled "Abandoned House", can be seen from the church.

The Abandoned House is located in the general area of Café Kiev.

Video walkthroughEdit

Dead Island Walkthrough - Side Quest - Judgement Day(02:30)
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